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The articles which do not meet the requirements cannot be printed


Author 1: N.P.Surname1 scientific degree,
Author 2: N.P.Surname2 scientific degree
(for example I.P. Ivanov1 doctor of sciences (Technology) professor, O.O. Petrov2 , candidate of sciences (Technology) profesor assistant.
1- Establishment, City, Country
2- Establishment, City, Country
(for example NTU of Ukraine the "Kyiv polytechnic institute" Kyiv, Ukraine)


The last Name in English


A resume is in the Ukrainian, Russian and English
Keywords are in the Ukrainian, Russian and English

The set of manuscript is conducted in an editor " Microsoft WORD ".
The sheet is white, format of А4 with the edges: upper- 2,5, lower- 2,5, left- 2,0, right- 2,0 cm.
Type is "Times New Roman Cyr".

UDC type is bold (semi-bold), size of type – 9pt, the interline interval - "single", smoothing on the left edge, retreat from below - one line. Last name of authors, a scientific degree is smoothing on the left edge, type is bold (semi-bold). The name of establishment is smoothing on the left edge, admission of one line.
Name of the article is printed by capital letters (16 рt), type is bold (semi-bold), smoothing on a center, the transfers of words in the name are shut out.

The last Name in English Name of the article in English by capital letters (12 pt), type is bold (semi-bold), smoothing on a center, the transfers of words in the name are shut out.
Resume (annotation) – is separated from the name by one line, type (italic), type size – 9pt with indention retreat - 0,9сm. Smoothing is on a width. Between a resume one line is blank. Keywords

Basic text: type is "Times New Roman Cyr" (type size – 10pt), the interline interval " single", with indention retreat - 0,9сm. Smoothing is on a width. Do not apply self-instructed divisions of words and pagination. Style for all indentions is " ordinary".

Formulas are printed in formulas editor "Microsoft Equation 3" or "Mathtype".  At a set it is necessary to do such options: The width of formula must not go outside the text.

All the brackets - (), [],{}- to collect, using the "templates of brackets" on the bar of formulas editor tools. Formula location - on a center, numeration - on a right edge. 

Images must be executed by means of graphics editor. Every image must have a signature, location - on a center, type size – 9pt, type is bold, the interval is " single". Digital dark-and-light marks must be proportional to the picture size. The pictures which have positions a,b, .., must be identical height and baselined for horizontals. Every picture is given in a separate file, as an original, with jpg expansion, cdr and etc. (not in " Microsoft WORD") It is not recommended to insert illustrations in a document by means of exchange buffer (clipboard). It is necessary to correct sizes and turning angle of bitmapped images in graphics editor (for example - Adobe Photoshop), but not in the publishing program. Images must have 100% scale and turning angle 0 degrees. Minimum thickness of lines is 0.25 pt. Discriminability for coloured and semitone images - 300 dpi. Discriminability for monochromatic images - 1200 dpi.

for example

                 a                                                   b

Figure. 1. Name of image

A table must not go outside the text. An interval in the table is " single". Every table must have a title, type is bold.The number of table on a right edge, the title - on a center.

for example

The list of literature is given in order of reference. Reference to unpublished and uncompleted publications is impermissible .

for example


Эльпинер И.Е. Ультразвук. Физико-химическое и биологическое действие. - М. : Физматиз, 1963. – 430 с.
Луговской А.Ф. Оценка методов обеззараживания воды / А. Ф. Луговской, А. В. Мовчанюк, И. А. Гришко // – Вест. Нац. техн. ун-та Украины «Киев. политехн. ин-т» : серия «Машиностроение». – 2008. - № 52. – С.103-111.

Суберляк О. В. Технологія переробки полімерних та композиційних матеріалів : підруч. [для студ. вищ. навч. закл.] / О. В. Суберляк, П. І. Баштанник. — Львів : Растр-7, 2007. — 375 с.

Проблеми обчислювальної механіки і міцності конструкцій : зб. наук. праць / наук. ред. В. І. Моссаковський. — Дніпропетровськ : Навч. кн., 1999. — 215 с.
Третьяк В.В. Возможности использования баз знаний для проектирования технологии взрывной штамповки / В.В. Третьяк, С.А. Стадник, Н.В. Калайтан // Современное состояние использования импульсных источников энергии в промышленности : труды международной науч.-техн. конф., 3-5 окт. 2007 г. : тезисы докл. — Х., 2007. — С. 33-38

Пат. 70854 А України, МКИ Е21В1/26. Спосіб одержання пульсуючого струменя ударної дії та пристрій для його реалізації / Савченко Н.В., Яхно О.М. / Заявл. 30.12.2003, Опубл. 15.10.2004. Бюл.№10. – 2 с.




Jel'piner I.E. Ul'trazvuk. Fiziko-himicheskoe i biologicheskoe dejstvie (Ultrasound. Physical and chemical and biological action) Moscow: Fizmatizdat, 1963, 430 p.


Lugovskoj A.F., Movchanjuk A.V., Grishko I.A., Journal of Mechanical Engineering of NTUU «KPI», 2008, no 52, pp. 103-111.


Suberljak O.V., Bashtannik P.І., Tehnologіja pererobki polіmernih ta kompozicіjnih materіalіv [Technology of processing of polymeric and composition materials]. L'viv, 2007, 375 p.


Problemy obchysljuval'noi' mehaniky i micnosti konstrukcij [Problems of calculable mechanics and durability of constructions]: Zb. nauk. prac', nauk. red. V.І. Mossakovs'kij. Dnepropetrovsk : Nauchna kniga, 1999, p.215


Tret'jak V.V., Stadnik S.A., Kalajtan N.V. Sovremennoe sostojanie ispol'zovanija impul'snyh istochnikov jenergii v promyshlennosti : trudy mezhdunar. nauch.-tehn. konf. (The modern consisting of the use of impulsive energy sources is of industry: labours international scientifically to the technical conference). Kharkov. 2007, рр. 33-38


Savchenko N.V., Jahno O.M. Sposib oderzhannja pul'sujuchogo strumenja udarnoi' dii' ta prystrij dlja jogo realizacii' [A Method of Receipt of Pulsating Stream of Shock Action and Device Is for His Realization]. Patent Ukrainy no 70854 A. 15.10.2004

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