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Гожий С.П., к.т.н., Клиско А.В., асп.
НТУУ «Киевский политехнический інститут», г. Киев, Украина


Godziy S., Klisko A.
National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Kyiv, Ukraine ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


Abstract The article is devoted determination and research of perspective directions of creation of effective equipment for stamping with orbital forging. The analysis of existent equipment is conducted and conclusions are done in relation to expansion of technological possibilities. Considered and analysed two basic directions of creation of equipment. First is an equipment traditional hydraulic the press by prefix of orbital motions of active instrument. At that rate we have equipment of minimum cost and with minimum charges. The basic lack of such chart is a harmful effect of the eccentric loading on the bed of traditional the press, which is not adjusted to such external environments. The construction of block is as an example considered for stamping with an orbital forging with the individual drive of mechanism of orbital. Second is development specialized the press for stamping with an orbital forging. At such approach bed specialized the press is projected and made taking into account the eccentricity of action of technological effort. The in detail considered construction of specialized is the press, which has a direct drive from an electric motor mounted in the columnar bed of specialized the press. Due to absence of transmission elements of transmission a press has high indexes of efficiency. Each of the offered directions is considered on concrete examples. The offered directions substantially influence on the indexes of efficiency and prime price of equipment.

Keywords: Оrbital forging, equipment, technological process, deformation., efficiency.


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