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UDC 621.22

Muraschenko1 A., Yakhno1 O., Solonin2 R.
1 - National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Kyiv, Ukraine; 2 - ANTK «Antonov», Kiev, Ukraine


Муращенко1 А.М., Яхно1 О.М. д.т.н., проф., Солонин 2 Р.И. к.т.н.
1-НТУУ «Киевский политехнический институт», г. Киев, Украина; 2-АНТК «Антонов», г. Киев, Украина



Abstract. Purpose. Carrying out mathematical calculations generalized hydraulic systems. Considered schematics combined electrohydraulic drive its modes of operation used in many fields of technology., To provide high quality design work. This will significantly reduce the time to design development and testing of hydraulic systems. And also will help reduce costs for their development and testing. 

Design/methodology/approach. The paper used graph-analytical approach to study the functioning of multiple objects. The approach used to assess the energy efficiency of hydraulic drive circuit design based exergy method. 

Findings. The influence of operational factors on the loss of pressure in the hydraulic drive. As a result of studies comparing two drive circuit design, it was found that elements of increasing energy costs. 

Originality/value. Applied graph-analytical method for calculating the hydraulic multi-hydraulic actuator. What helps determine which areas absorb considerable energy to the system in different modes.
Keywords: electrohydraulic drive, exergy, exergy method, energy, anergy.


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