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УДК 001.89; 347.77

Kargin B., Tahtamish I.
The State High Educational Institution «Priazovskiy State Technical University», Mariupol, Ukraine



Abstract. The problems of reforming the system of higher education to meet the requirements of European standards by introducing the necessary amount of knowledge and skills on the fundamentals of innovation - the innovation activities of students as an example of innovation SHEI «Pryazovskyi State Technical University» and one of its departments – «Forging and stamping production». It is shown that the inventive and patent work is an integral part of the department to form a creative potential of future specialists.
Involving young people in science, giving it the possibility and means to develop their intellectual potential, it is necessary to educate the ability to think independently and make decisions on supply and demand for innovation and industrial property. Achieving the
goals requires a clear understanding of the key areas of creativity. Analyzing the data in the Department of KSHP for the period
from 1980 to 2010 predominant direction of patent research department is the solution to the problems of resource. The use of
modern information technologies, as well as improving the system of knowledge-based innovation process to successfully improve
the quality of education.
Keywords: higher education, reformation, European standards, innovative activity, university science, intellectual potential, quality
of studies


1. Бєсов Л.М. Історія науки і техніки як інтелектуальний ресурс системи національної освіти : зб. наук. праць : Вчені записки Харківського гуманітарного університету «Народна українська академія» / [редкол.: В.І. Астахова (голов. ред..) та ін.]. – Х. : Вид-во НУА, 2011. – Т. 17. – С. 237-246.
2. Диамантопуло К.К. Методическое обеспечение системы внедрения знаний по основам инновационно – изобретательской деятельности студентов в ПГТУ / К.К. Диамантопуло // Активизация самостоятельной работы
студентов – реальный путь повышения качества подготовки специалистов : тезисы док. участн. в межвуз. науч.- метод. конф., посвящ. 75-летию ПГТУ (24-26 мая 2005г.; Мариуполь). – Мариуполь, 2005. – С. 12-16.
3. Каргин Б.С. Анализ тенденций развития объектов техники в процессе патентных исследований кафедры КШП / Б.С. Каргин, И.В. Тахтамыш // Университетская наука – 2010 : тез. докл. междунар. науч.-техн. конф. / ПГТУ. –
Мариуполь, 2010. – Т. 1. - С. 193-194.
4. Каргин Б.С. Самостоятельная работа студентов по изучению специальных дисциплин в курсовом и дипломном проектировании на кафедре кузнечно-штамповочного производства / Б.С. Каргин // Активизация самостоятельной работы студентов – реальный путь повышения качества подготовки специалистов : тезисы док. участн. в межвуз. науч.-метод. конф., посвящ. 75-летию ПГТУ (24-26 мая 2005г.; Мариуполь). – Мариуполь, 2005. – С. 17-21.
5. ДВНЗ «Приазовський державний технічний університет». Кафедра «Ковальсько-штампувальне виробництво» www.ksp-pstu.io.ua



УДК 621. 7


Kalyuzhny V., Kulikov I., Nikolenko N.
The National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Kyiv, Ukraine ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )



Abstract. Object. Intensive strengthening of metal around holes in sheet metal workpieces and profiles.
Purpose. Determination with the help of finite element method of parameters of intensive strengthening of metal around holes in sheet metal workpieces made from aluminum.
Design/methodology/approach. The production method of intensive work-hardening metal around the holes in sheet metal blanks was carried out. The production method consists of subsequent processes such as the forming holes with hub formation on stock piece surfaces by cold extrusion, the punching amount of adjacent blanks and the setting of the hub with forming finite hole dimensions. The analysis of the production method of intensive work-hardening of metal around holes in aluminum sheet metal is carried out with using the finite element method. The forces of deforming, distribution of load per unit surface on the deforming tools, the size of semi-finished and final product dimensions were determined.Given the accumulated strain and stress in processes identified the share of the deforming zone in the stock under deformation, the values of hardening of the metal as compared to baseline 
Findings. Power of extrusion of holes with forming of ledges on workpiece’s surface, power of punching of bridge and power of sediment of
ledges during holes forming were determined. Dimensions of deformation zone and value of strengthened metal were determined. 
Originality/value. The strengthening of metal distributes in workpiece on diameter, which in 3 time bigger than diameter of hole.

Keywords: sheet blank, intense hardening, squeezing, punching, sediment modeling, the intensity of deformation and stress.

1. Proskurjakov Ju.G. Objomnoe dornovanie otverstij. Moscow: Mashinostroenie, 1984. 320 p.
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4. Kaljuzhnij V.L., Vihovanec І.V., Nіkolenko M. S. ta іn. Rozrahunkovij analіz resursozberіgajuchoї tehnologії іntensivnogo zmіcnennja metalu navkolo otvorіv u profіljah і listovih zagotovkah. Vіsnik NTU «HPІ» 45’2011, Harkіv. P. 124-131.
5. Kaljuzhnij O.V. . I.P. Kulikov, O.V. Melnik. Vyznachennja zusyllja deformuvannja pry formoutvorenni otvoriv u tovstolystovyh zagotovkah konichnymy puansonamy. Tezy dopovidey XIII Mignarodnoi naukovo-tehnichnoi conferencii «Progresivnaja tehnika i tehnologija», 2012, g. Sevastopol. P. 64-66.



УДК 539.3

Trubachev S.І. , Yakhno B.O.

The National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Kyiv, Ukraine



Abstract. Elastic-рlastic rectangular sandwich plate lying on elastic foundation is considered. Вreak line hypothes is accepted for description of base layers kinematics. The foundation reaction is described by Winkler’s model. The presence of rigid diaphragm impeding the relative shift of layers is presumed on the contour of the plate. The variational Lagrange’s principle is used for receiving differential system of equilibrium equations. The numerical calculation of the sandwich plate was done by finite element package ABAQUS . The dependence of plastic deformation from bending stiffness of the base was determined. Were given advice on the choice of stiffness on the deflection. The analytical solutions of the problem have been found and their numerical analysis has been conducted.

Keywords: bending, three-layer plate, the rigid filler, the elastic-plastic deformation


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6. Vasilev V.V. Mechanics of composite material constructions. Moscow: Machine-building, 1988. 288p.
7. Yakhno B.O. Damage and destruction of constraction materials during complex low-cycle loading. The dissertation for scientific degree of candidate of technical Sciences. Kyiv, 2005. 150 p.


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