УДК 621.762.4


Savelov D.
Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University, Kremenchuk, Ukraine


Purpose: On the basis of the obtained rheological model of deformative powder mix that makes it possible to model its elastic and dissipative properties and also the friction between the particles; it s required to determine the character of the vibration exciter with powder mix at its vibrations in vertical direction; to determine the law of its motion, design parameters and modes of the vibration effect. Design/methodology/approach: The theoretical research of hybrid dynamic system “vibration exciter – powder mix” has been conducted; the system is considered as a system with the distributed. Physical and mechanical model, allowing sufficiently exact to define inertia, resilient and dissipative forces, operating from the side of powder-like mixture on a vibrating puncheon at his vertical vibrations, is developed. Findings: The expressions for definition of inertial elastic and dissipative forces that effect from the side of
powder mix on the vibration exciter taking into consideration resistant force. Originality/value: The obtained theoretical dependences can be used in the design of technological equipment at measuring its basic parameters and the selection of rational modes of vibration effect on powder mix.

Keywords: dynamic system, vibrating exciter, powder-like mixture, oscillation influence.


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УДК 621.992.7


Dobrianskyi S.

The National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Kyiv, Ukraine




In article process of a threading of external threads by thread-cutting heads with round combs from fast-cutting steel is considered.
The work purpose - development of a technique of definition of torques and forces of cutting at a threading of external threads by thread-cutting heads. It is shown that the total torque at a threading grooves consists of the moment of cutting and the moment of a friction of teeths on a calibrating part of combs. According to it the technique of determination of forces of cutting depending on a step of a cut carving, lengths of an intaking cone of combs, quantities of cutting and calibrating teeths is offered. Results of pilot studies are carried out at a threading grooves in a range of diameters of 20-30 mm with a step of 1,5-3 mm, and also the share of forces of a friction in the general balance of forces of a threading grooves is experimentally established. The technique and algorithm of determination of total length of cutting edges of combs is given. High stability of a ratio of making forces of a threading
grooves and their value for standard combs is shown. Results of researches can be used at tool design, determination of used capacity of the equipment and other calculations. Tab. 1. Fig. 3.Lit.5.

Keywords: Thread, Head, Cutting Force, Torque, Algorithm


1. Dobryansky S.S. Sily i tochnist pry narizuvanni rizb golovkamy. (Forces of cutting and accuraci at threading grooves by heads) Journal of mechanical engineering , Kyiv, NTUU “KPI”, 2012, no. 64, pp. 43-46.
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УДК 621.924

Petrakov Y., Pisarenko V.

The National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Kyiv, Ukraine ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )



Abstract. The analysis of modern methods for accuracy estimation of complex surfaces of details of machines is resulted. The method of accuracy control of exactness for machining complex 3D surface of endoprosthesis genicular is presented to the joint of man and results of estimation by different methods. The application program is developed for an estimation and analysis of exactness of 3D surface of the machining experimental endoprosthesis of knee-joint of man. The application program allows to execute control of working surface on an polar radius, on all of sections, that corresponds the functional setting of good. It is well-proven that after the operation of grinding on a machine-tool with CNC on developed program control a maximal rejection makes 0,05мм, that satisfies with technical requirements.
Purpose. To develop the method for accuracy estimation exactness of 3D shape of prosthetic appliance of knee-joint and application program for automation of control.
Methodology. A method is based on the developed algorithm, allowing to compare the mathematical model of theoretical surface to the digital array, got as a result of measuring of detail on a CNC machine-tool. Comparison is executed on a radius the vector of surface in those points, what for a theoretical model. The developed application program executes visualization of results of control for the estimation of exactness on sections, and also allows to write down a control file in a text format.
Conclusion. Approbation of the offered method and developed program approved their efficiency. It can draw on control results for the correction of control the program, that will promote exactness of machining on a CNC machine-tool.

Keywords: estimation of exactness of 3D surface, measuring of 3D surface, endoprosthesis of knee-joint of man.


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