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Tsysar M., Krivosheya Yu., Shvedov L.

V. Bakul Institute for Superhard Materials Kyiv, Ukraine




The article investigates the formation of ultrathin multilayer graphene coatings. The aim is to determine the nature of the irregularities hemispherical shape that our research group associated with the pressure of the carbon gas. To solve this problem developed physicomathematical model of the surface topography by the pressure of the carbon gas. The developed method allows to determine the basis of the deformation theory of the maximum size of the hemisphere , depending on the substrate material. The results of studies of the graphene coating by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) with a semiconducting diamond tip. Analysis of experimental data used fractal analysis horizontal topograms cut. On the surface of graphene islands were found spherical formations diameter from 20 to 32nm. The experimental data were compared with the analytical data obtained on the basis of the developed model. The discrepancy between the experimental data and the model is 3%.

Keywords: graphene coating, stress-strain state, scanning tunnelling microscope, diamond tip.


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