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Novik M.1, Didovets V.1
1 - National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Kyiv, Ukraine, 2 - Open International University of Human Development «Ukraine», Kyiv, Ukraine




Abstract.Purpose. The goal of this work is to research and development the pneumoelectric multipositional digital control drives. Design/methodology/approach. At development of digital pneumatic actuators with small increment and enormity of moving of output rod it is necessary to take into account that with the increase of number of pistons static thrust is decreases and the axial overall size of pneumatic cylinder is increases. Decrease of static thrust is stipulated by losses on a friction, what proportional to the number of pistons and amount of seal on a piston. For equalizing of losses on a friction it is necessary to increase the diameter of pistons, that stipulates both the increase of overall sizes and metal consumption and air consumption during work of actuator. Proposed is an original pneumoelectric digital drive, that includes for itself a pneumatic digital engine, low-powered stepper motor, devices of braking of pistons and rate control of movement of output rod. A mathematical calculation model for the calculation of basic characteristics of pneumoelectric digital drive with the hydraulic method of rate control of movement of output rod. Findings. Research has shown that the use of the proposed multiposition pneumoelectric digital drive allows to improve him static and dynamic characteristics. It extends functional possibilities of such actuators considerably. Originality/value. The results of the research may be useful for specialists who engage in the design (to the calculation) of dynamic descriptions of multiposition actuators with digital control.

Keywords: electric stepper motor, industrial robots, increment, capacity, digital actuator, effective area.


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