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Алюшин Ю.А., д.т.н., проф.
Московский государственный горный университет, г. Москва, Россия


Alyushin Y.
Moscow state mountain university, Moscow, Russia ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .)



Abstract. The equations of motion in the Lagrange form for the processes of precipitation, the sheardistribution, backward extrusion in axisymmetric strain, obtained by integrating the kinematically possible velocity fields in the form of Euler. The principle of superposition of motions you can use them to analyze more complex deformation processes. A visual comparison of observed and calculated trajectories of moving nodes of the grid allows for adjustments in solutions to improve the accuracy of energy-power parameters of the process, taking into account the local and mean integral characteristics of the strain state.
Keywords: The equations of motion in Lagrangian form, the superposition principle, invariants, power and force of deformation.



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