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Salenko1 O., Gabuzyan1 G., Myronov1 Y., Nikitin2 V.
1-Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University, Kremenchuk;

2-Enterprise «Print Inzhiniring, OOO», Kiev, Ukraine


Саленко1 A.Ф., Габузян1 Г.В., Миронов1 Я.В., Никитин2 В.А.
1-Кременчугский национальний университет им. М. Остроградского, г. Кременчуг, Украина;
2- ООО «ПринтИнжиниринг», г. Киев, Украина



Abstract. Purpose. Performing cutting of the microarrays to the individual elements using ultrahigh pressure jet with a finely dispersed abrasive.
Design/methodology/approach. The theory of the hydro abrasive jetting difficult to machine materials. A functional approach to ensure the quality and accuracy of processing.
Findings. In a paper was proved the possibility of using small diameter jet stream to perform precise cuts of microchips with hard and brittle materials, such as SiO-chips with double-sided metalized. Using a functional approach allowed to reduce width of the damage of metallization
Originality/value. The original way of SiO-microarrays cutting using the slotted masks is purposed. The use of such masks significantly increases quality and accuracy of the edges of dissected chip.
Keywords: SiC-microarrays, hydro abrasive jetting, cutting quality


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