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УДК 621.924

Zaloga V., Nagornyj V.

«Sumy State University», Sumy, Ukraine



The subject of this study is the cutting tool.
The aim is to develop a method to determine the actual resistance of the tool.
The research results, are presented in this paper, were carried out computational-experimental method, and showed, that tool wear, leading to its failure, occurs over time in accordance with the well-known Lorenz curve. This curve has three characteristic regions, describing the burnishing tool, its normal operation and catastrophic deterioration or destruction.
As a result of this work, was obtained by an analytical dependence, graph which describes all three periods of operation of the instrument. The desired tool life is in this relationship as one of its parameters.
The proposed method for estimating the tool life can be used in lathes with numerical control.
Conclusion. An efficient method for estimating the tool life, allowing for indirect features - the level of sound, that is generated by the cutting process, to predict the time of replacement of the cutting tool.

Keywords: Resistance, tools, sound, wear, damage


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