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УДК 62-333

Olehnovich D., Zhylevich M.

Belarussian National Technical University, Minsk, Belarus


Abstract. Relief valves are integral part of almost any hydraulic power system; therefore special attention is given to ensure stable operation of these elements. The purpose of this work is to study internal dynamic processes in hydraulic pilot-operated relief valves and define key parameters affecting dynamic performance and operational stability of the examined valves.
Modeling involves creating a design scheme and a mathematical model for the specific valve. Flow balance equations for the selected model nodes and motion equations of valve's moving elements were formulated.
The study revealed that internal dynamic processes in hydraulic pilot-operated relief valves are influenced by the following parameters: size of the poppet valve orifice, value of the valve's enclosed volume and pump capacity. Moreover, analysis results showed that developed model is most sensitive to changes in the size of the poppet valve orifice.
Developed mathematical model can be used as an effective tool for selecting rational dimensions for hydraulic pilot-operated relief valves in order to provide specific dynamic properties.

Keywords: pilot-operated relief valves, dynamics, mathematical modeling, internal processes.


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