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Danylchenko Yu., Petryshyn A.
The National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Kyiv, Ukraine



Abstract. Purpose. The research of complex influence of design, kitting, mounting, maintenance conditions, and elastic-dissipative
properties of spindle units on mode shapes forming.
Design/Methodology/Approach. Spindle unit considered to be mechanical vibration system, that consists of subsystems: tool (tool holder), spindle and spindle quill that is elastically mounted on machine tool bed. Designed model of mode shapes based on solving of the system of deformation compatibility equations in the points of subsystems disconnection, and force method canonical equations for displacements in characteristic points of subsystems.
Findings. Subsystems mode shapes on system natural frequencies has been calculated, with taking into account dissipative characteristics of supports and subsystems joints. Analysis of the elastic curves shapes of system elements was carried out and regularity of their forming is established.
Originality/value. It was established, that the largest level of spindle and quill vibration occurs on spindle natural frequency and “spindle-quill” system combined frequency.
Keywords: spindle unit, mechanical vibration system, mode shapes


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