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Dobrianskyi S.

The National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Kyiv, Ukraine




In article process of a threading of external threads by thread-cutting heads with round combs from fast-cutting steel is considered.
The work purpose - development of a technique of definition of torques and forces of cutting at a threading of external threads by thread-cutting heads. It is shown that the total torque at a threading grooves consists of the moment of cutting and the moment of a friction of teeths on a calibrating part of combs. According to it the technique of determination of forces of cutting depending on a step of a cut carving, lengths of an intaking cone of combs, quantities of cutting and calibrating teeths is offered. Results of pilot studies are carried out at a threading grooves in a range of diameters of 20-30 mm with a step of 1,5-3 mm, and also the share of forces of a friction in the general balance of forces of a threading grooves is experimentally established. The technique and algorithm of determination of total length of cutting edges of combs is given. High stability of a ratio of making forces of a threading
grooves and their value for standard combs is shown. Results of researches can be used at tool design, determination of used capacity of the equipment and other calculations. Tab. 1. Fig. 3.Lit.5.

Keywords: Thread, Head, Cutting Force, Torque, Algorithm


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