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УДК 621.924

Petrakov Y., Pisarenko V.

The National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Kyiv, Ukraine ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )



Abstract. The analysis of modern methods for accuracy estimation of complex surfaces of details of machines is resulted. The method of accuracy control of exactness for machining complex 3D surface of endoprosthesis genicular is presented to the joint of man and results of estimation by different methods. The application program is developed for an estimation and analysis of exactness of 3D surface of the machining experimental endoprosthesis of knee-joint of man. The application program allows to execute control of working surface on an polar radius, on all of sections, that corresponds the functional setting of good. It is well-proven that after the operation of grinding on a machine-tool with CNC on developed program control a maximal rejection makes 0,05мм, that satisfies with technical requirements.
Purpose. To develop the method for accuracy estimation exactness of 3D shape of prosthetic appliance of knee-joint and application program for automation of control.
Methodology. A method is based on the developed algorithm, allowing to compare the mathematical model of theoretical surface to the digital array, got as a result of measuring of detail on a CNC machine-tool. Comparison is executed on a radius the vector of surface in those points, what for a theoretical model. The developed application program executes visualization of results of control for the estimation of exactness on sections, and also allows to write down a control file in a text format.
Conclusion. Approbation of the offered method and developed program approved their efficiency. It can draw on control results for the correction of control the program, that will promote exactness of machining on a CNC machine-tool.

Keywords: estimation of exactness of 3D surface, measuring of 3D surface, endoprosthesis of knee-joint of man.


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