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Kucher N., Kucher V.
G.S.Pisarenko Institute for Problems of Strength National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiеv, Ukraine
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Abstract. The loading surface is proposed for isotropic materials with different tensile and compressive strength. It is assumed that this surface coincides with the initial yield surface at the beginning of the plastic yielding and coincides with the failure surface in the limiting case, at fracture. To determine the parameters of the initial yield surface and the fracture surface, the Pisarenko-Lebedev criterion for structurally inhomogeneous materials is used. The procedure for describing the loading surface evolution during the active deformation is proposed for plastic strain paths of small curvature, or sufficiently close to them, based on the basic tension, compression and pure-shear experiments. The normalized plastic strain intensity is used as a deformation measure.

Keywords: yield and strength criteria, anisotropically hardening media, measure of hardening, loading surface.

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