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 Yavorovskiy V., Roshchyna I., Korniytchenko P.

The National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Kyiv, Ukraine ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )




Аbstract. From the theory of shearing operations there are known differences in behavior of sheet materials of various thicknesses.
The thinner sheet material is the more complicated is distribution of stresses and strains across the thickness of complicate shaped parts at blanking. In the paper analysis of loading a rectangular plate with sizes 80100,5 mm is carried out with using theory of flexible plates and shells. As to the theory the part may be related to the class of elastic plates and stresses and deflections in it are described with a system of non-linear differential equations in partial derivatives. There are no rigorous methods of integrating that system. Approximate solution and theoretical analysis is executed with using variational methods in ANSYS program. Solution of the
equations shows redistribution of specific loads as diagrams along the short and long side of the punch and die. At that the stress rate along the short side is 1.4 … 1.5 the long one. This is the explanation of chief wear of the tool along the short cutting edge which was found experimentally.

Keywords: blanking, thin thickness material, bending, differential equation, stress, deflection, plate



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