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Veselovska N.
Vinnytsia National Agrarian University, Vinnytsya, Ukraine ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


Abstract. Purpose. Machine-tool complexes are high-quality the new level of the technical rigging and organization of production processes which are determined the use of not only the high-automated basic but also auxiliary technological equipment. In the article the analysis of the modern state of machine-tool complexes of tooling is considered in an engineer. Classification of machinetool complexes is offered.
Design/methodology/approach. Machining equipment is one of the main factors that determine the development of national economy. The effectiveness of using it directly affects the production of new machines for all industries, agriculture etc., which characterizes the level of society. Currently, no country produces all the necessary range of equipment, specializing only in some of its types. However, the level of modern manufacture requires the use of almost all kinds of machining and related auxiliary equipment. Therefore, review of trends and features tools not only causes concern, but is essential in developing and manufacturing modern machines.
Findings. The classification of modern machine systems with qualitatively new level of technical equipment and organization of production processes, which are determined by using not only main process equipment, but also components such as automated transport and storage subsystems, control and measurement and diagnostic equipment, computer, directly involved in the manufacturing process and provide automation features of technological, organizational, technical, organizational and economic
control of production processes, creating a flexible manufacturing system. The modern complex machine, introduced in these systems
on a given range of products unit of the main technological equipment, devices equipped with software control, replacement tools,
products drives the initial material and intermediate products, devices, waste management, control and technological process and
correction of quality products. It can operate in automatic mode and be integrated into the system of higher rank. Efficiency of
machine systems is largely determined by the functional purpose of control equipment that is taken as a base for the main process
Keywords: machines, machine complex, technological equipment, production process, the classification performance.


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