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Kovalenko Ju., Bondarenko M., Bondarenko Ju.

Cherkassy State Technological University, Cherkassy, Ukraine, ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


Abstract. Purpose. The study of quality of the prepared surfaces of elements is conducted from piezoelectric ceramics with the electrodes inflicted on it by determination of the modes of its effective ultrasonic cleaning.
Design/methodology/approach. During preparation and realization of experiment as experimental standards disks were used diameter of 35 mm and in thick 1 mm from the piezoelectric ceramics of ZTB-19, that were divided by three groups: standards the surface of that did not clear up before causing on its electrodes; standards the surface of that was subject to the chemimechanical cleaning pilot-scale; standards the surface of that cleared up an ultrasound in the environment of a spirit solution of olein acid (0,2%) at the different modes. The ultrasonic cleaning of standards was conducted in ultrasonic bath. A source of ultrasonic vibrations is an ultrasonic generator of UZDN-А. The cleared surface was investigated by the method of atomic-power microscopy with the use of atomic-power to the microscope of "NT-206"; the mode of operations of device is dynamic; probe - silicic "Ultrasharp CSC12". The analysis of the experimentally obtained data was conducted by the method of planning of twofactor experiment, in that for entrance variables power and time of the ultrasonic cleaning was elected. As a review cleaning (correlation of relative area of contaminations and relative imperfectness, %) quality was elected. 
Findings. Diminishing of relative area of contaminations is experimentally set from 74% to 38% for the surface of the standards cleared by a chemimechanical method, while diminishing of relative area of contamination for the surfaces of the standards cleared by an ultrasound resulted from 56% to 12%. Thus, relative crack surfaces of standards after the chemimechanical cleaning pilotscale remained at the level of initial standards, while for standards the surface of that cleared up an ultrasound in the environment of a spirit solution of olein acid a relative crack increased from 3% to 53-58%.
Originality/value. By basic parameters, that carry out substantial influence on quality of surface, that is subject there are cleaning time and power of ultrasonic generator to cleaning, the values of that get out coming from the values of frequency there is a cleaning process on that.
Keywords: piezoelectric ceramics, ultrasonic cleaning, atomic-force microscopy

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