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Journal of Mechanical Engineering the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"


ISSN 2409-5966 (Online), 

ISSN 2305-9001 (Print) The new site collection  Вісник НТУУ КПІ серія Машинобудування 

The Handbook is included into the list of scientific specialized editions of Ukraine and reviewed in the reviewing magazine VINITI RAN (Moscow, Russia), reviewing magazine Dzherelo (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Electronic edition of the magazine is saved in the V. I. Vernadskiy National Library of Ukraine.

The Handbook is included in the state reviewing database "Ukrainika Naukova" and international scientific databases Google Scholar, RINC (eLIBRARY.RU).


An acquaintance with the newest achievements in the branch of mechanical engineering, the results of scientific achievements and improved methods of calculation and planning of elements in mechanical engineering constructions.

For scientists and scientific and technical specialists in the branch of mechanical engineering.

Materials of the articles are presented in the release of authors. The articles are reviewed.

State registration certificate of the printed medium of communication series KB №17906-6756PR from 17.05.11

The journal is registered in the List of specialized editions pursuant to the Decree of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1279 of 06 November, 2014

Founded in 1964

Periodicity: 3 times a year

Language of edition : Ukrainian, Russian, English, German (by the mixed languages)


Journal of Mechanical Engineering the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" is included in the catalog of Ukraine.

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  • All articles are reviewed.
  • Reviewing is single-blind.
  • All correspondence between reviewer and author is performed across the editorial office.
  • A reviewer in its decision may be based on the opinions of experts involved them.
  • The result of a reviewer is recommendation.
  • The manuscript can be sent for review to several reviewers.
  • If author disagree with a reviewer comments he may send a reasoned response.
  • The decision of editorial board about article publishing is final.

Order of review

  • New manuscript is registered when its hard copy has been received by mail (registration date).
  • Editor-in-chief or executive editor choice a reviewer/s for the manuscript according to subject.
  • The manuscript send for review by the designated reviewer/s. Reviewing result — recommendation of reviewer.
  • Review for the manuscript send to the author in any way:
  • In case of positive review the manuscript passed to the editor to make a decision about publication.
  • In case of revision required the author receive all review comments and suggestions of reviewer.
  • In case of decline submission the author receive a review with a reasoned refusal.
  • The autor prepare necessary materials after receiving review:
  • a revised version of the manuscript in case of revision required (up to 3 months);
  • a reasoned answer if you disagree with a reviewer opinion.
  • Revised manuscript is sent to re-reviewing.
  • The manuscript, which received a positive review, is passed to the editorial office to prepare it for publication.


We accept regular article submissions throughout the year. The time period between submitting an article and its publication is about 

6 months, if one of authors is subscruber and 10 months, otherwise.

Every article undergoes review process and necessary checks. As soon as all requisites are alright the author or composite author is informed by system message and editor’s email about article acceptance. In case of necessary article corrections or article rejection is also author or composite author informed through system message or by editor’s email about all inadequacies or reasons, why is required to do an article revision or why was an article rejected.


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